Can you hear my theme song? "I'm coming out, I want the world to know......" hear it?  Ok cool!

As a spiritual being who has over 20 years in business experience focused on sales and marketing and an Executive MBA,  I have been living a double life.  The corporate world didn't really embrace my spiritual, tattooed, woo woo lifestyle and I knew how to keep it under wraps so I did. Well, to be completely honest I kinda kept all my woo woo ju ju hidden from most.  My closest friends and family knew I was more spiritual than religious but I didn't tell many about my intuitive abilities until I figured them out myself in my late 20s.  As I write this blog I have to tell you it feels like I am coming out of a closet,  I have locked mys...

You have heard this one before, the only thing to fear is fear itself.  Fear is crippling, it holds us back from all of life's most amazing things.  I found it interesting when I looked at the antonyms to fear. Some included, calmness, contentment, bravery, encouragement, ease, joy, trust, heroism, comfort..... you get the point. So at it's parallel fear constricts us from having peace, being confident and being happy.  As I sat with these thoughts I remembered something I have heard from Gabby Bernstein many times when she discusses manifesting.  She says the first step is recognizing the fear and then of course staring it in the eyes and breaking through it.  To take this deeper a recent reading I did for a friend the other da...

The number one question I am asked about essential oils is "are they safe for kids"?  YES!  They are safer than many of the foods, medications, and cleaning agents we use.  The benefits of essential oils for children are amazing and you'll be surprised how much your children enjoy using them! You can make your own blends like I do and let your kids name them which makes it even more fun.  My son has his own superhero blend which helps him with anxiety and according to him also makes him run like Flash the superhero or create something a bit more sophisticated like my 6 year old daughter who named her blend after herself and uses it to help her sleep through the night. Then we make Mommy's blend which is the ultimate germ killer...

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