dōTERRA Essential Oils

Ok, I'll admit it! I am obsessed with Essential Oils! It may sound cliche but they have honestly changed my life in more ways then one.  I didn't always use doTERRA oils and to be honest I dismissed them for a long time. I guess to kinda rebel against the big business concept. doTerra is recognized as the largest essential oil company in the world!  But big is not bad I later realized! They are 100% committed to purity and have successfully refuted any claims otherwise.  On top of that they have a non profit arm to the business which impacts the world in a positive way.  To me this means a lot! I have tried lots of different brands and the quality really is superior.  Don't believe me? Ask me for a sample?  

So that is just a few reasons why I choose doTERRA but let me share a little bit about why ESSENTIAL OILS have been life changing for me.


As a teenage I was put on way too many anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.  On top of this I suffered from horrible migraines that caused me to be hospitalized on a few occasions.  Due to stress I had insomnia, going for 3 week periods with zero sleep.  Medications made me  feel worse but thankfully essential oils helped! In my early 20's my mom bought me some lavender/peppermint essential oil for my headaches and it was a huge relief to find something that made me feel better instead of worse. She also bought me some essential oil pillow spray to help me sleep and I loved them.  The only problem I found was after awhile they would loose their scent and I would have to restock it.  Fast forward into my 30's and motherhood and I became more consciously aware of what I was consuming.  I started to read labels to my food, to my beauty products, cleaning supplies and certainly anything I was giving my children.  I even started to explore other essential oil brands including Young Living who I really don't have anything bad to say about in terms of products and quality.  I actually loved Young Living and spent a ton, I mean a ton of money building up a collection!  

Thankfully a good friend who I had signed up under Young Living reached out to me about doTerra and I was still skeptical.  After my Young Living experience I just felt like these oils were so expensive and no one was really making any money.  But, what I did like was I could sign up and just buy what I want when I want and I could still earn points.  It sounded like there was no strings attached so I gave it a shot.  I was already a heavy oil user and I needed to restock without breaking the bank.  So, I bought my first starter kit and slowly learned more and more about the company.

The team and support that immediately came with it was like no other.  Can I tell you that after I signed up 4 lovely ladies came to my home with a gourmet (GLUTEN FREE) lunch for me!  They went over the oils, the business potential and all the support they could offer if I needed but would not harass me if I wasn't into it.  I was blown away by the team support and the gentle follow ups (no harassing at all).

My first few months were pretty slow as I was kinda shy about selling the oils. Don't get me wrong I made samples for people and offered help but never asked anyone to buy anything from me. Over time I started to see my friends getting checks and moving up the ranks pretty quickly!  They were doing so well they started to help me get sales and then I started to get checks in the mail too.  Ok, this thing is real.  Now don't get me wrong you don't have to sell the products but when you start to see others making money sharing products that they genuinely love, it's pretty incredible and why wouldn't you want some extra money coming in?

Being able to help others build income and improve their lives is so rewarding but even cooler when I can do it for myself too.

How can you buy doTERRA essential oils?

You have three options:

  1. Buy the oils at full Retail price (that’s no fun)

  2. Join with a “Wholesale Customer” membership. This option gives you 25% off for a year. No monthly fees and NO required autoship like many others! (YOU WILL NEED MY MEMBER ID TO ENROLL # 5155345)

  3. Join with a “Wellness Advocate” membership. This option costs the same, also gives you a 25% discount but gives you the option to share oils with others and earn money to cover your monthly order, supplement or even replace your income.(YOU WILL NEED MY MEMBER ID TO ENROLL # 5155345)

*There are no monthly fees and no requirements to sell or buy with either option.

How much do doTERRA oils cost?

Much less with a wholesale membership! The membership is like a shopping pass that gives you 25% off for a year. It is $35 or free if you start with a kit. No monthly fees.

You are not required sell anything or buy again after your initial order (but you’ll likely want to!)

Why buy a starter kit?

If you start with one of dōTERRA’s enrollment kits you save the $35 membership fee! This is how most people get started with dōTERRA, so they get the most oils for their money. Also to really enjoy the various benefits of the oils a a starter kit is the way to go. The larger the kit, the more you save!