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Are You Ready To Turn Your Passion into Profits?

Are you ready to next level

your business?

When you are in spiritual alignment and you have sound practical business skills, abundance and financial freedom is 100% available and waiting for you!

Are you stuck in a day job you hate and you're FINALLY ready to take the leap of launching your own business?

Is your business washing out and you need some serious spiritual alignment?

Are you a spiritual being guided to help others but feel like it's impossible to do what you love while still making MONEY?

Do you NEED to do meaningful work that makes a difference in the lives of others?

Do you want FLEXIBILITY to create your own schedule?

Are you ready to put your PASSIONS to work?

Have you had ENOUGH of trying to have a hobby side job?

Are you ready to NEXT LEVEL your income and life?

For years I was not living my truth and quite honestly what kinda life is that! We are all here for a reason and have a responsibility to be our true authentic selves. 


Unfortunately, our past experiences, pain, losses and limiting belief systems throw us off track.  I was off track for sure but was still super determined to make money and well, I did that, but guess what I was miserable!  I mean straight up bored, miserable and totally unfulfilled.


 Thankfully I finally embraced my spirituality fully and stepped into the light. I embraced my truth and wham! Abundance, happiness, success, good health.... well it all just started to happen and it can happen for you too!


My name is Lilie Perito, I am an intuitive business coach for welless entrepreneurs.  While I love all the woo woo spiritual parts of life I have a very practical understanding of business. For years I worked in media sales where I launched companies, built brands and created revenue streams for profitability.  Hell I made millions for some pretty shitty bosses! I have an Executive Master in Business Administration and a BA in English. I've written business plans, created and executed marketing campaigns and developed online training platforms for sales executives.  I know exactly what it takes to get your business off the ground!  More importantly I am a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Angel Card Reader, Certified Yoga Instructor, Essential Oil Mixologist, Reiki & IET Practitioner, and Kundalini Goddess!


Today I offer business coaching for entrepreneurs.  I work with CEOs who are committed to success and ready to do the soul work needed to create a life and business of abundance.


What I see all the time is entrepreneurs who fail because they can't build a website, an eblast or shit a flyer!  When you are reliant on vendors to run your business you are gonna wash out before you step up.  You have to be nimble and self reliant or you will go broke.  If you don't know how to do some of the basics on your own you can get bogged down with the little things before you even tackle the good stuff.  Your light, your offerings and your skills are way too good to be spent tinkering on little shit.

I teach you all the foundations, skills, tools, tips & tricks to keep you in abundance and in business!

When you work with me.....

Be prepared to GET CLEAR and remove blocks that are holding you back from manifesting and holding space for high vibrational opportunities

Mastering MANIFESTING in your business and in your life

Tune in to your personal BRAND STATEMENT

Develop a spiritual tool bag to prepare you for FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE

Create a strategic plan with a 360 degree analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Branding beyond branding, get true, be AUTHENTIC and MASTER engagement


Learn how to create your own website and MANAGE your site

BUILD YOUR OWN email marketing & social media campaign

Basic DESIGN SKILLS to create your own business cards, flyers, ads or social posts


Identify your DEMOGRAPHIC and target appropriately 

 Be your own boss

and live the life you always

knew you were meant to live 

Don't Settle 

My mission is to help others step into their light and access their fullest potential both professionally and personally.  I take the fast track approach to clear out your shit, get you in tune with your soul purpose and help you build the tools to launch a thriving and profitable business!

Are Your Ready To Take The Next Steps?

Start Your Transformation Now!


Launch Program

This is a 3 month one on one 30/60/90 day launch program! In just 90 days I will take you from lost, frustrated, feared, overwhelmed to totally in alignment and running a successful business. 


Here's How It Works:


In the first 30 days we will do some serious soul searching, energy shifting, prosperity invoking work.  This is a tailored experience that will give you the tools to tap into your source power and find clarity to your life purpose.  We will remove the blocks and heal past wounds.   We will activate your inner strength so you are operating at a vibration that is attracting success, abundance, freedom and joy.

In the 60 day process we will start building your brand.  We will identify your brand statement, branding image, and value proposition.  At this point we will also start putting pieces into place. We will determine what business tools you need in place to launch your company.  Building social pages, logo, website and marketing materials will be included. I will teach you how to build these yourself!  That means you wont be powerless to vendors, you will know how to create, manage and build your own marketing materials and website.  This is what really differentiates me from other coaches, I give you the tools I don't create a program where you are dependent on me. It is 100% about empowering you and your business to not just survive but thrive!

In the last part of the 90 day launch we will launch your company!  That's right, you will be up and running 100% in just 90 days.  Your site will go live, your marketing tools will be in place and you will be open for business. If you are rebranding, your rebrand will launch. More importantly we will create a path of clear, confident success and happiness.  The pieces will be in place, the direction will be clear and your clients and customers will know how to find you!

The 30/60/90 Launch program is ideal for starting entrepreneurs or business owners who need a rebrand.  A clarity call and application must be submitted to be accepted into this program.  This is for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to do the damn thing now!  If your shopping and dreaming and your not fully ready to commit and go live then this is not for you.  I only take on (6) 1:1 clients at a time as I make myself available 24/7 throughout the 90 day process.  I respond to every email.  In addition we will meet via phone or in person each week for 2hrs. each time to assign work, review and manifest!  Thats 8 hrs. a month of personal 1 on 1 time!! Plus 24/7 support and a personal guarantee to launch your business in just 90 days!

There are lots of coaches out there and finding your coach is like finding your next boyfriend or girlfriend.  We need to be compatible.  I give you 110% of my energy and support and in return I need you to show up for yourself with the same energy and commitment. 

Schedule a clarity call now and let's see if we are an energetic match first! I offer easy payment plans to make this offer work for everyone!


To Schedule your call CLICK HERE

Coaching Hour Blocks

This offer is for current business owners who need to rebrand or reboot or for entrepreneurs who need less support. This provides you with a tailored approach to your business needs.  Sessions must be booked in 5 hour session blocks at a time to be used within 1 month either virtually or in person.  Each session is scheduled for 1.5-2hrs. 


This experience will be customized to fit your needs.  I can walk you through creating a website, a social page or explore some of the energetic blocks that may be creating havoc on your success and abundance abilities. We can overhaul your work processes to optimize efficiency or repackage your offers.  The possibilities are endless!  You will be empowered to run your own business and maximize your time, finances and abundance!

The 5hr. block is $600, to be paid up front.  If sessions are missed or run outside of a 4 week window you loose your monthly time slots.

Ready to secure your block, click here.

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