Angel Card Readings

Angel cards are the tool I use to provide you with a psychic reading. We are all intuitive and have a team of angelic guides we can call on for assistance and guidance.  Like all muscles and skills we must work them, use them, and fine tune them for optimal performance.  I started reading tarot cards at around 10-12 years old when my aunt also a psychic gave me my very first deck.  It wasn't until many years later, life experience and deeper spiritual understanding that I was able to share my gift with others.  Today I use angel cards as my tool to provide clients with clarity from their angelic team.  Sometimes I will channel angels or communicate with love ones who have passed.  While I don't know what will come up in a reading I know that spirit never lets us down and always provides clarity and direction for the most prominent issues or concerns in your life. 

If you are looking for answers, confirmation or direction on your life purpose schedule a session and let me help guide you on your journey to understanding.

Please note I do not allow negative energies or spirits into my readings. I have blocked myself from any negative energies and work ONLY with your angelic team of angels, guardians and guides.

Private Readings and Video/Phone conferencing available upon request. Schedule through my shop or send me a note


One on one appointment available at The Healing Center at Port Jefferson Salt Cave. Book a session here.