Tips For A Balanced Lifestyle

Balance. We have all heard it before, "Balance is the key to life." Easily said not so easily done. Life throws us all types of things and at all sorts of times. When it rains it pours, right! Many of us feel a constant tug of war with holding our balance and what the universe gives us. Coming from someone who has played the tug of war game one too many times here are a few tips that helped me start enjoying and appreciating each moment I'm still in the game. I now live excited and wait patiently for the ebbs and flows that paint my life. I found a peaceful release in the space of giving up and just barley holding on. Sometimes things have to break before they can be fixed and most of the time the solution is simplistic and painfully obvious. When we can let go and give up control, we can finally embrace God's Love and trust that you will be provided with what you need.

Think of life as a surfer riding a wave. You've got your body (self) your board (lifes tools/physical things) and then you have the great wide ocean (the universe) that you've got to balance and ride out. You can't control the ocean, and many times we can't control what kind of board we have but if we can learn to hold our balance through the waves of life we will be alright. If we can hold our balance we may even catch a great wave, an awesome rip curl, the most beautiful sunset, a school of fish. Who knows what's in store for you but if you can't hold the balance you're bound to miss great opportunities and beautiful experiences. So, how do you do it?

1. Stop trying to control the ocean.... just stop! Right now! Let that shit go, if you can't let it go the ocean will get you, it's just a matter of time. Accept that you can not control the ocean. A storm will come, a shark could come, I don't know a fucking Tsunami can happen. Whatever it is, it is, and the first step is accepting that.

Ok, once you master this, and I know it's a hard one for many of us, It was the hardest one for me! (Still is sometimes, I'll admit it!)

2. Get excited. Go explore. Jump on your board and enjoy the journey. Wake up with pure joy of breathe. Who knows what the day will bring. You could wake up and meet the love of your life, or find $100 bill on the road, or land your dream job. Life is a gift and every moment we are open to the possibilities of abundance, miracles and pure utter joy are possible. You have to believe this and feel this. I know some days you wake up and want to go back to bed. I know somedays you dread because you have to go to the job you hate, or deal with some shit you just don't want to deal with but, you may go to that job you hate and get fired. Getting fired, may be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You may meet a new person in the elevator who turns out to be your new best friend. You just don't know what lies ahead and what miraculous wonderful things are available to you. Get excited, be present and allow the ocean to deliver.

3. Reflect. This was important for me. Mostly because I am kinda geeky and analytical and need to be able to break things down and analyze things to really drive the point home. Look back at your life. As an exercise write down the three worst things that have happened to you in your lifetime so far. Then right down the three best things that have happened to you. You may just find and I think you will, that those three horrible fucked up things that happened to you somehow prepared, or helped lead you to at least one of the most amazing thing that has happened to you. We can not know the good if we have not felt the bad. If every day was a beautiful sunny day we would never appreciate a gorgeous day. If there was no rain there would be no flowers. If there was no violence in the world would we truly appreciate the moment of gentle tender love that maybe a stranger could share with us? Ok, I know this sounds a little crazy but think about it. Isn't it awesome when someone holds the door for you? Or when occasionally a random stranger just stops to smile and say hello. Well, if everyone did those things all the time, would you appreciate the times when they did? Ok, a littler deeper now. If people weren't innocently hurt, children innocently victimized could others learn and feel compassion? When terrorist attacked did it not cause a country to unite and wake up to acts of violence we may have been ignoring? I know, I know it sounds harsh. Here's my last less abrasive scenario. Often times it is easier for us to change our own faults when we see it in others. Sometimes we have no idea we are doing something pretty terrible until we see someone else doing it and then we say, "OMG, I totally do that!" Well, reflect and maybe just maybe you will come to realize that everything even the worst things happen for a reason. Bad things help us change, help others change, bring awareness to something that was not known that can result in change. Everything has a purpose.

When we 1. stop trying to control. 2. get excited about the journey and 3. reflect we will find balance. You will ride whatever storming waters, or calm sunsets your journey has in store for you. When you let go and love the life your living then you will begin to work with the universe. You ebb and flow and the bad doesn't hurt so bad and the good just feels good. The good comes more frequently. There is less need for the bad when you have mastered this. The universe gives us what we need and when you let go, you are excited for whatever comes next. You let go of the tug of war game and just play the game of life with excitement and joy.