Communicating With Your Guardian Angel

I remember the first time I realized I had a guardian angel, there was an enormous feeling of warmth and love that washed over me. It was that all consuming motherly love that you feel from your mother as a child. It's the feeling of pure and heavenly freedom. There is not a worry in your mind, your as light as a feather. As a kid I think someone told me at some point casually, "Don't worry little Lilie your guardian angle will protect you," and even then I'm not sure if I believed them or just though it was one of those things adults say when you're worried.

It wasn't until I was about 30 that I realized that Angels are very real and around us all the time and that we do in fact have a guardian angel assigned to us. Your guardian Angel was assigned to you at birth and their mission is to help you live your highest good and fullest potential should you so desire to expand yourself fully. Your guardian will keep you safe and help support you whenever you ask. Sounds easy and really it is. But, I hear you, how? Here are a few tips to help you begin to build a relationship with your guardian angels.

1. Start talking to them. They are always listening. It is ok to say, "ok if you are really there show me a sign, something?" Now, don't expect a pencil to levitate at that moment but be aware of your surroundings and something may come into focus. Your guardian Angel works with your guardians and guides, sometimes they are loved ones who passed over. You may see a special trinket your grandmother gave you suddenly or a song may pop up on the radio that your dad sang to you as a little girl. These are subtle ways but definite ways your angels are trying to say yes we are here but we also don't want to scare you! Sometimes they will be more recognizable but just remember you have to ask first!

2. Angels communicate with numbers. If you begin to see a lot of the same numbers popping up in your life take notice of this. You can do a quick google search to find out the meaning. My favorite site is You may see these numbers on receipts, your phone, the time, etc. If you find that you are waking up every night at a specific time like 3am or 3:03am take notice of this. I woke up every night for at least a year at 3:33am. The trinity was waking me, the ascending masters were waking me up to my truth. This was for me in many ways why I have created this site. I asked for assistance and my Angels came to me loud and clear. Most importantly when you wake up notice if you are thinking of anything particular, recognize the feeling that you have in this moment. Angels may try to communicate with you in your sleep or dreams and they may wake you to get your attention. If you ask they will come and they won't give up until they get your attention.

3. Journal. You can do this in a few ways. I like to meditate and then I journal after meditation. But, if you don't meditate and you don't have to try writing first thing in the morning or maybe before bed. When you write ask your questions, and then keeping a clear open mind write. There is a book you can explore more on this concept (ANGELSPEAK by Barbara Mark, Similar to the Law of attraction you must, Ask, Believe, and let go to Receive. They add to this by reminding us to say thank you to the universe, God, creator....whatever you choose.

4. Reflect, this is a reoccurring step for me in just about all areas of life but it's so important. Go back and read your journal. Maybe even a day or two later. You will realize the writing has a tone to it unlike your own. The voice is not yours, this is the voice of your angel. You can ask your angels name, you can ask anything you like. You will likely see a parargraph that asks your questions sounding like yourself but then suddenly a paragraph will emerge where you will know right away you did not write this. Sometimes you may not remember writing it at all. When this happens you will really begin to build your relationship with you Guardian Angel and perhaps the others who are with you too. Remember you have support, assistance is always available. Abundance is always available but you must ask for help. Call on your Angels and open up your heart to receive all the love and support that is available.

Blesssings, Love and Light. -Lilie-