Past, Present, Future

Coming up on a Super Blue Blood Moon I found myself inspired to share a message. It's a simple one but oh so powerful! In this game called life it is our emotions that dictate our reality. I know that sounds a bit spacey but sorry it is true. Want to be happy, think happy, act happy, all of the sudden you are happy. The good old fake it till ya make it concept. I get it and maybe you do too but to some extent it's just a quick fix, it's not a long term solution to uncovering your true happiness. As we embark upon a rare full moon a gift of clarity and understanding of the concept of becoming aware of your thoughts clicked for me and I hope it may click for a few others too.

When we focus our thoughts on the past we become depressed. Now, this does not mean that when we think of a pleasant time in our past we will be depressed but if you dwell on the past or obsess on the past you will most definitely become depressed. If you remember how happy you once were you are inviting the thoughts of you are no longer happy, or will never be as happy as you once were. Honor your past, but don't think in the past tense.

When we focus our thoughts on the future we create anxiety. Again, this does not mean that dreaming, planning and setting goals for the future is a bad thing but obsessing or focusing all of your thoughts on the future will only create anxiety and insecurity. In fact I believe that those (like me) who have struggled with manifesting is likely due to the fact that we put so much attention and focus on wanting a better future that we self sabotage the results. Many a spiritual teacher will confirm that the key to manifesting is less to do with focusing on the desired outcome but more on knowing what you want and letting it free. I know this is hard, trust me I know, it is sooooo hard and frustrating! When you want something so badly, or when you feel you need something so badly we can't help but obsess a bit. When you want to manifest it is quiet easy to obsess it is far more difficult to know what you want, set the intention and then walk away from it like ok no biggie lets move on. But too often you focus on what you want with such intent you begin to question yourself. The key becomes to let go so you can step into a place of accepting and receiving the manifestation you have birthed but has not yet come to full fruition.

I have heard it, I have read it, and I even know this to be true but still it is not easy! Recently, I was reminded how important it is to be in the present. Being in the present, living in the present, appreciating the present, enjoying the present moment is how we step into receiving. As a yoga instructor I emphasis to my students the importance of being mindful and being present. However, somehow in my desire to manifest (aka obsession to manifest) I focused on the future too much which led to anxiety. Then I added a little focus on the past and bam! I found myself depressed. Kinda frustrating when my intentions were so pure but I suppose it was the process that helped me really understand what I was losing sight of and what was getting in my way and may just be the very thing that is getting in your way too!

When I let that all go and just stood in the present moment, I felt peace. I felt honest to god divine peace. Moments come and go and when they are past we miss them and when they are not there yet we desire them even more but when we are in them, living them and experiencing in the now we have the opportunity to recognize the gift of being present in the moment. It is pure magic and blissful peace, you become overwhelmed with gratitude when you connect and align yourself with the present. I know it sounds simple but maybe if you look at it from avoiding the past and the future it will be easier to find the joy in the present. From this place all you desire begins to come to you and all that you need is always provided. The present allows you to magnetize yourself and attract all that you wish for and all that you really need.

January 31st, 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon is so rare and magnificent I urge you all to just be present. I want to share this and stress this because it is quiet common for all of us spiritual seekers to take out our sacred journals and pour out our intentions and manifesting desires to set our dreams off to sail the mystical wonders of this glorious full moon but in doing so we can if not careful self sabotage our desires and invite anxiety and depression. So, find your clarity on what it is you want yes but then be present. Take stoke in the moment and all that you can be grateful for. Honoring all that is good attracts more good to you. Soak in the wonders of the moon, enjoy this rare occasion. Sit in the moment and find your peace from there I promise you my friend your manifestations will come to be but only if you are present.

Super Blue Blood Moon

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