Destination Happiness

While sitting with my daughter going into the first grade she was tasked with the assignment of writing a title of a book and creating a cover. It really made me stop and think. What is my story? Better yet, what do I want my story to be? Take a second and ask yourself the same.

While meditating on this thought it became more and more obvious that we truly write our own story, we decide and determine what our story is. Yes, we coproduce with the universe but ultimately our thoughts shape our world. As my daughter drew her cover I admired her approach. She started with a self portrait then a big happy sun, beautiful blue clouds and bright green grass. With each stoke I saw her eyes light up with admiration for her work. Her lips curled up in the sweetest grin as I watched her draw her life and I realized then, that this was my life, this was my story and as long as I have the privilege of seeing the world in a refreshing new light each and everyday that every day will be as magical as the next. The story, the journey, our lives are that of which we dream, that of which we create, that of which we wish. Children remind us of the simple things, they remind us that happiness is what it's about. Your life, your story should be to make yourself happy. One mans happy is different from the next but respecting life's simple charms and finding your happiness even in the most unfortunate situations is what sets you a part from a world renowned author or not.

Exploring or taking stock on what really makes us happy is not as easy as it seems, well at least it is not for me! It took me a REALLY long to actually recognize, notice, and discover what was making me happy and what was not. I lived most of my life trying to make others happy. I also lived in a home where nothing was ever recognized so it drove me to try harder. To some extent it actually gave me an enormous drive and work ethic but ultimately set me on a path that was not mine. That's a whole other story and I want to focus on the point that getting honest with yourself can be really hard but completely freeing! When we are honest with ourselves on what we like, what we want, and begin to paint the story of the life we want magically we put ourselves into alignment. This is when things get easier and we are able to attract what we want effortlessly.

So, I urge you to get honest and start simple. Take one day to do only what feels good. It may help to pick a day where this will be more feasible. As a working mother I know this almost feels impossible but if you find some friends or family to help alleviate some of your daily responsibilities try to give yourself the day. Wake up and eat cake, take a long drive, jump into the ocean in December, go to a toy store and buy a toy for yourself, I don't know just do you and do what feels good! Notice how you feel, notice what you want. You may think you want cake for breakfast but maybe you actually don't want breakfast at all and all you really want to do is take a long walk outside. Whatever these things are notice them and honor them.

On the next day, jump back into your normal life but again do only what feels good. Wake up, and do the stuff you have to do but when given a choice like, do I want coffee or orange juice pick the one that feels good. When you are asked a question notice if you want to respond with what will make the other person happy or if you can push that to the side and answer based on what you want and what makes you happy. I know this all seems ridiculously easy but when being mindful you may realize it can be hard but also eye opening. These little exercises will help you get to a point where you can begin to recognize what it is you like, want, and feels good. This is a self discovery period and it may take some time. Be patient with yourself and slowly you will get yourself to a point where you will be in alignment and your path will be clear.

Now, this process took a few years for me. Ok several years! It was hard. I fell off the wagon here and there but, slowly day by day I got to a place where I knew I was on the right track. It gets easier because as you move towards your truth the universe starts to reward you for your efforts. The process becomes fun! One way of knowing your on the right track is what your doing will be fun, exciting and there won't be a struggle behind you. That which is destined for you comes to you easily when your open to receive it.

Let me say that one more time, that which is destined for you comes to you easily when you are open to receive it. So, when something you want is not happening ask yourself these 3 questions. 1. DO I REALLY WANT THIS? 2. DOES THIS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD? 3. AM I OPEN TO RECEIVING? If you answer no to any well it's just not going to happen. You may have to go back to the drawing board (literally draw another picture, another book cover and create another title, then repeat) then move closer to your highest potential, your destiny, your path, your truth.... AKA the stuff that makes you happy!