Fear Is My New BFF

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You have heard this one before, the only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear is crippling, it holds us back from all of life's most amazing things. I found it interesting when I looked at the antonyms to fear. Some included, calmness, contentment, bravery, encouragement, ease, joy, trust, heroism, comfort..... you get the point. So at it's parallel fear constricts us from having peace, being confident and being happy. As I sat with these thoughts I remembered something I have heard from Gabby Bernstein many times when she discusses manifesting. She says the first step is recognizing the fear and then of course staring it in the eyes and breaking through it. To take this deeper a recent reading I did for a friend the other day invited the clear message that she should act on anything that made her feel fear. The universe wanted her to step into new territory, allow herself to experience pleasure in a way she has never known. The clues, the hints, the ways to know which way to go is by following the fear.

Ok, now this is difficult for all of us as our entire upbringing teaches us fear and in fact encourages fear. As children we are constantly told don't do that it's dangerous, don't talk to strangers, make sure you brush your teeth of your teeth will rot. I mean almost everything is related to fear. Get good grades or you will be broke, don't eat that or you will get fat, make sure you do this or that will happen, I mean everything we know is infused with fear. This only magnifies as we get older and we gain our own experiences. Be careful who you trust you don't want to be hurt again. Oh no this feels familiar remember that time you were pick pocketed at the concert, hold onto your purse with fear all night! We all have our own stories and they get deeper as we age. Fear is so intense we develop it as a sense of protection. It gives us the spidey sense when you know your in an unsafe territory and sometimes it does protect us! Sometimes you get that feeling that someone is a creeper, and they are! Sometimes the fear is a clue to be aware and be careful! The feeling of fear is most certainly a CLUE to become AWARE but it is not always giving you the message to be fearful because something is actually dangerous, it could also be giving you a clue that something incredibly amazing is about to happen.

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Think of this, your first kiss just before it happened, you felt fear or excitement or butterflies. Some could call that feeling fear but because enough people encourage a happy feeling about the experience of a first kiss you faced fear in the eye and had you first smooch. If we start seeing fear as a warning, or signal to be aware that something good or bad is approaching we can invite so much more opportunity into our lives. All it takes is for you to take a pause recognize the feeling and proceed with awareness, not caution, not nervousness, just awareness.

I hope at some point as a child someone said you were fearless! Some of us have such deep rooted fear we may have lost that before we turned 1 years old. Think of people who are fearless. I think of professional athletes and uber successful people. Now don't think for a second they don't know fear, they know fear very well. Fear is their BFF! Fear is their superpower! Fear is the flashing signal that tells them to be aware somethings brewing, something incredible or something dangerous but either way they are ready and prepared to face fear head on!

Maybe you have a time where you can remember you embraced fear and something wonderful happened. I know I can, but I also know too many times I allowed fear to hold me back. I allowed fear to keep me small. I allowed fear to keep me stagnant. I allowed fear to cripple me. Recognize fear as a pathway to greatness. When fear hits you don't freak out and run away, step up and face it. Facing your fears will open doors to you dreams, give it a try!

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