Blue Moon for Easter

March 31st 2nd Blue MOON

Blue Moon for Easter

These days the term Blue Moon doesn’t seem to hold as much weight as that implied meaning “rare or extra special.” Today’s blue moon is the second one this year but don’t doubt its power! The next seasonal Blue Moon will happen on May 18th, 2019 and the next monthly Blue Moon won’t happen until Oct 31st, 2020. So, yes, it is still pretty special.

So how does this affect us energetically? Because this is a second full moon in the month it definitely amplifies our ability to release and let go! March is a 3 astrologically and represents the trinity, balance and creating harmony for the mind, body and soul. Communication is the key player here. So, you may be feeling some shifts to say the very least. When we feel these energies, we can embrace them and come into alignment to reap the benefits or we can totally freak out and fall way off track from what we are spiritually aligned to do.

First step to making the most of the energy is to recognize it. Take a moment to explore how you feel. Notice what things are popping up and what things are being challenged in your life. If you find you are banging your head against the wall in terms of getting nowhere then it may be time to let whatever that is go. If you are seeing opportunities appear then explore them as they may be the new energy patterns you need to jump on board with.

Regardless of the Blue Moon or not all Full Moons create an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you. When we close these doors, new doors can open. Letting go can be difficult, sometimes we feel defeated as if we are giving up but don’t freak and fret on that aspect of letting go rather look at in from a new perspective. For example, maybe you have been pursuing your dreams and things are just not working. Ok, you don’t have to abandon you dream but it may be a good time to approach your goal differently. Doing the same thing with the same result is insanity!

An awesome way to fall into the new energy of this Blue Full Moon is to create a ceremony of sorts. You can google a million and one different things you can do but I suggest you do it your way! Some ideas may be sage-ing your house (or the outside of your house if your husband can't stand the smell like mine). Some people like to journal what they are letting go of and then burn the paper. Maybe it’s just lighting a candle and taking a bubble bath with the intention of letting go of what’s not working. Again, I don’t think it matters at all, your intention, your awareness and your energy is all that matters here.

Happy Blue Moon and Happy Easter, let the energy be with you and not against you!

Sat Nam,


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