5 Steps To Soulful Alignment

We have all been in alignment at some point or another and we have all been out of alignment. The trick is knowing when you are in and when you're out. Then learning how to get yourself back there and staying there! Here are 5 steps to get you into alignment and keep you're ass there!

Step 1: Reflect, think of a time when you felt like you were in alignment. Come on there had to be a moment if nothing else! Here are some quick clues; you had not fears, no doubts, you felt joy, you felt authentic, raw, accepted, you felt completely confident. I know its a big bill to fill but you are divinely meant to be in alignment so I know for sure you were at some point in time. Think back, when was it? Hold that moment, those feelings and acknowledge where you were. When I am teaching others, yoga, business or how to use essential oils I feel in alignment. I know my purpose is to help others by teaching. In fact it can be teaching them English, Marketing, Kundalini, or how to make a bed (not that this is one of my skills by any means) but when I am teaching I feel comfortable. Even if I am nervous before teaching (which still happens) once I get started I just fall into alignment, I feel at ease, I feel home, or as my friend recently said while teaching Kundalini "You were so in your element." It feels good, it feels easy and you won't have any doubts.

Just like manifesting it is important to recognize and sit in the space and energy of the feelings you feel when in alignment.

Step 2: Meditate. Meditate on that feeling. Let that feeling come into your body, into your being. Sit in that energy and fucking meditate. For those of you who have a hard time meditating try this! Lay back, look up at the sky (preferably on a comfortable non rainy day) and day dream. Think about that moment in time when you felt great, when you felt in alignment. Try to put yourself back to that very moment. Once you are there allow yourself to drift as if you are observing yourself. Take stock of all the thoughts that come up! Not the negative, nay saying, doubters that creep in but anything else. For example maybe you see yourself and you were 10lbs lighter and your hair was short back then or you were dating so and so, worked at such and such job.... Whatever it is take stock. It may start simple with your appearance and settings but the deeper you go so will you observation.

Step 3: Reflect again. Get your journal out and start taking notes. Write about the moment that you felt you were in alignment. Write about the things you observed. What things came up? Do you see a pattern.? What did you notice? You may find that you felt really good back then when you were thinner, back then you were dating so an so and while it didn't work out he was always supportive and you need more supportive people around these days. Anything can come up and this part of the process is about deep exploration. You will begin to find patterns. You may be able to re-track your steps and see where you fell out of alignment or notice what was then that is not now. You will uncover some deep self discovery here and the most important part is to connect dots and recognize patterns.

Step 4: Connecting with you soul requires two things. Understanding what you want, what you truly want and being honest with yourself and then recognizing your own gifts to share with the world. Step 4 is about your gifts, your light, your purpose. What gets in our way of discovering this is confidence. Confidence in ourselves, confidence in knowing that who you are NOW, is good enough now. Society teaches us to pick something we want to be and be that. Society and media shows us what GOOD looks like and we strive for that but that my friend is the FUCKING problem. For soul alignment you must be who you want to be. Not who mom and dad wanted you to be or what you thought you wanted to be but who you TRULY want to be. This can be really hard. For many of us you could realize shit! I wanted to be an artist and I went to medical school. Or shit, I wanted to be a veterinarian but I ended up dropping out of school to raise my family and never went back. It's not always easy but no one said it would be easy. Get honest, shed some tears, scream out-loud, do what you got to do but be honest with yourself because it's now or later and trust me later you will say why the hell didn't I do this sooner! If you want to be happy, find success, and live a life you are proud of... You have to get honest.

Alright, that was tough I know. But at this point you should know what it feels like to be in alignment, know how to sit in that energy and you know what you want, what you really truly want.

Step 5: The final step to coming into alignment is taking action. It doesn't have to be huge. Just take the first step. It may be that you want to finish that book you started, so pick up the pen! Or, maybe you realize it's working with kids and you work as a correction officer. Alright well maybe look into doing some volunteer work to start. But step 5 is all about taking ACTION. Do something NOW. Not tomorrow right the fuck now! Once you take action, you will feel a shift. Small things will happen, people will show up, opportunities will present themselves.

Staying in alignment requires taking consistent action towards what you really want. Sometimes we get it wrong and that's ok because the universe will also do it't part to put you on track. If things become too much of a challenge, it's not right. When things happen easily, it's right. If you feel at ease, if you feel home then guess what you are in alignment. Be aware, feel into the feels and continue to take action towards living a life you know with no doubt whatsoever you are meant to live. Want some help? Want some more tips, tricks and fast forward practices? Follow me on Facebook, Subscribe to my newsletter and I will keep sharing because that is my divine soul aligned purpose and NOTHING is gonna get in my muthafucking way!


PS- Sorry for the profanity in this blog, but when the passion starts flowing so does my potty mouth!

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