Peace Out Mercury Retrograde

Ok so up until today I could not write or talk about Mercury Retrograde. While all I kept hearing were friends blaming every mishap or computer snag on MR I just zipped my lips. Not because I don't totally believe MR can fuck your shit up but because just like anything else if you say it and believe it you're giving it power and you're magnifying its ability to mess with you. So people listen, when thing aren't going well whether it's MR or just a bad day the only way to break through it is to not give it power.

When we want to manifest something we have to believe it, feel it, and know it to be true. We can't be too attached and obsessive because that in itself is feeding fear. We just have to claim in and wait patiently by aligning with small actions when the right things present themeself. So, when things are going bad like MR is screwing up all your technology you cant give it power by saying ok this is MR doing its thing. You can't believe in the power at all! You have to believe that this is just a little computer glitch that I can fix easily. If you start saying OH SHIT here comes MR again then watch, your computer goes out, your internet is down and you phone is in the toilet. I kept seeing this happen and trust me guys I totally wanted to say STOP giving it power but I couldn't because If I said that I too would have been giving it power.

So please forgive me for being a day late and dollar short but please remember that we co-create the good and the bad. And, while accepting MR you are actually feeding it. Now on a larger scale we can look at all of our misfortunes and stop them in a similar way. It's never easy and some people will want to knock me out for this logic but here it goes.....

You have to believe that somehow the misfortune is serving you and your highest good.

I know that sound's like a crock when your going through something so awful the last thing you want to think is there must be a reason for this to happen that serves me best but YES that is exactly what you have to do because I believe it's the truth and if you want to stop a catalyst of more misfortune you need to get there.

I can look back on some pretty horrible things in my past and with almost all of them I can see how these experiences have prepared me and taught me the skills I needed to be exactly where I am today. I can look back and feel gratitude for the shitty stuff that was part of the past and see how in some small way or large way it helped me be me. Sometimes bad things happen and they really can't be justified in anyway. You may not know now or you may not ever want to admit it but Yes it is.

Once you have experienced pain you have more sympathy for others, you have awareness of what it takes to overcome certain obstacles and maybe your just equipped to make sure it doesn't happen again. Or you have the ability to help others overcome their pain. You may be in the position now to share your experience with many and provide healing on a much larger scale. Sometimes the healing that comes later is far bigger than you can recognize until years later but If you want to stop the spiral effect of misfortunes from continuing you need to find some peace and acceptance or you will be co-creating more negativity.

So next time we are in MR, please stop feeding it's power! I won't remind you when it's going on so this is it! And, be mindful of that which you are co-creating, good bad and everything in between. This is YOUR world create with joy and love always and so it will be.

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Love & Light