I'm Coming Out

Can you hear my theme song? "I'm coming out, I want the world to know......" hear it? Ok cool!

As a spiritual being who has over 20 years in business experience focused on sales and marketing and an Executive MBA, I have been living a double life. The corporate world didn't really embrace my spiritual, tattooed, woo woo lifestyle and I knew how to keep it under wraps so I did. Well, to be completely honest I kinda kept all my woo woo ju ju hidden from most. My closest friends and family knew I was more spiritual than religious but I didn't tell many about my intuitive abilities until I figured them out myself in my late 20s. As I write this blog I have to tell you it feels like I am coming out of a closet, I have locked myself in and while I am totally scared and nervous I am also so excited to step into my own and just be me! So, I am writing this blog for all of you who in some way lived a double life or maybe still are. While decompartmentailizing feels safe, controlable (oooo I love control) it is also a major prosperity, hell happiness blocker. I realize now it's an injustice to yourself and to the world. You were not put on this earth not to be something other than which you are. Don't do it for just yourself but do it for you humanitarian responsibility.

What is a life worth living if you can't be truly honest with who you are? So, this is me, and I am taking a leap and bringing my two worlds together! I can't hind behind a logo, or a brand and I can't really handle worrying about what will they think if I do this or that. I may loose some friends, or business colleagues (hell I already have!) but I'm willing to take the risk to make room for all of the others who can connect with the real, true, honest me.

We are all here with a purpose, with gifts to share with one another. I know my talents but I just didn't know how to bring them together. I am a born intuitive. I read cards, can channel with archangels and have honed in and perfected my natural born psychic abilities. Wow, did I just say that out-loud?! I don't think I have ever called myself a psychic and when anyone else has called me that I usually freak and say "no no, I'm intuitive" like there is a big difference there! Anyway, I have lots more talents too. Check me out! I am also a super savvy sales and marketing expert who has literally built up start up media companies and made millions, yes millions for others! Yea I kinda hate saying that part sometime because I am ready to make the millions for myself this time around. I have an Executive Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management. At the age of 20 I worked with media mogul Jason Binn and learned how to sell. That man can sell ice to an eskomo and I was fortunate enough to learn from one of the best in the industry at a super young age. Creating a brand, an audience and packaging your offerings was instilled in me before I could legally drink! Advertising, marketing, sales, event execution, public relations, content development and public speaking are all in my wheel house. I have sat on public speaking panels as an expert for marketing, advertising, sales and social media strategy. I even developed brand strategies, business plans and created an online sales training program. More recently I was hired for consulting on fundraising and event management projects and worked with CEOs organizing mastermind roundtable discussions and award programs.

But, what I never did was any of this stuff for myself. What I never ever ever did was blend my business consulting and development skills with my spirituality. I never shared my kick ass Kundalini secrets with business professionals to attract abundance or put them into perfect prosperity alignment and because I never did this I was not until now that I can say I have found complete alignment myself.

Well there it is a first for everything (ok I am not the first to do this) but for me it is, and I am blending my gifts. I am stepping into my own and I am officially going into business with myself, my true authentic self. Whatch our world, I was a powerhouse before but now I bring it all to the table and offer it to you, the entreprenuers, ceos, business owners who need to take things to the next level and need the secret sauce of both practical business strategies and spiritual magic!

I am uber excited to announce LotusLilie.com is branching out. While I still plan to teach yoga, offer personal readings and offer cool kundalini and essential oil workshops I am breaking the binds of living small and leveling myself up! Lotus Lilie (my not so much but kinda incognito name is becoming..... Lotus Lilie, Business Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs or Spiritual Coaching for Business CEOs. If you are a CEO who wants to revitalize your sales team with some next level prosperity technology or a new spiritual entrepreneur who needs to get their business off the ground I have a package for you!

What make me different than the others out there? My business consulting and coaching style brings you the best of two worlds. I offer practical business strategies and principles with spiritual energetic technology that is so powerful it will knock you into soul alignment whether you like it or not (I am living proof but thats a story for another time). Kundalini yoga is ancient yogic technology and it is so powerful it really should come with a disclaimer. The energy work that evokes alignment and deep clearing is not to be taken lightly. Many describe the feeling you get during and after class as blissed out as if you were high on energy itself. When this technology is combined with sound tactical business skills and strategies you are positioned for massive success. Ride the wave of success, alignment and true happiness with me!

To catch me at one of my Kundalini Workshops or learn more about my coaching business drop me a line at Contact@lotuslilie.com or visit my site www.lotuslilie.com

Lots of Love Always,