When To Hire A Business Coach

What's a business coach? When would someone hire a business coach? And, why the hell is everyone a business coach all of a sudden?! I had all of these same questions and to be honest the business coaching industry does seem to be imploding right now. That's for a few reasons really. Finding the right business coach for you can be life changing. The right expert can help you overcome obstacles and build skills to launch the business you only dreamed of. On the other hand, a lot of coaches are popping up and when things get popular in any industry that also means there are a lot of duds out there too.

I want to share a few tips for recognizing if you need a coach, and how to find a credible coach that's a good fit for you!

Let's start with the basics. If you need direction, if you need a push, if you need some motivation (to help set the fire under you) for whatever it is your dreaming of then yes a coach could be a great investment. But, finding a coach is kinda like finding a best friend or boyfriend it's not as easy as walking into a store and finding a new pair or shoes. The good news is you have lots to choose from and if you can get clear on what you need and what you want to achieve finding the right coach doesn't have to be daunting.

Step 1- Figure out what kinda coach you want. Do you need sound business advice, love advice, spiritual advice, marketing, social media, fitness, health ......what areas do you really need help with. Try to highlight your top 3 and seek coaches that touch upon these areas.

Step 2- See if you vibe with them. Do a little stalking. What do there social feeds look like, what do some of their clients look like, what kind of testimonials can you find. Do some dirt and if your feeling their vibe proceed with caution.

Step 3- Ok this is most important. What are their credentials. If they are a business coach and don't have any real business experience or degree to back it up well I may be concerned. There are a lot of those out there and if its all smoke and mirrors and hash tag my life is amazing following my lead well something is being diluted for a reason. If they are a mindset coach but have no certifications or degree or experience that validates the self proclaimed mindset coach well again somethings not right. Make sure they are qualified! You wouldn't hire a fitness coach if they were 200lbs overweight right? So why would you hire a business coach who has no degree and 3 years experience you know with social media and stuff?! That does not mean they are an expert. Make sure your coach knows their stuff and is skilled in the areas that are most important to you.

Step 4- Money. A lot of people find the coach of their dreams and then they say OMG, that's too much! Well, I can tell you that the right coach wants to work with the right client and most of them are willing to offer payment plans if you ask. On the other hand making the commitment to invest in yourself is an important part of the whole mission. If you are only willing to throw a hundred bucks into your future well that's not really committing to yourself that's just throwing money out the window or taking a bet on a race horse. When you spend a few thousand on an investment what happens? You get more committed and your commitment to succeed is the most important thing. A good coach will cost more and a great coach will cost even more (most of the time) but above all your commitment to following their advice, the program and steps laid out will take your commitment. That's why I and many focus on mindset before the real business strategy. If your mindset or energetic alignment is off then the business skills won't make a difference. So, step 4. Invest in yourself and commit with the coach that makes the most sense for you!

If your interested in working with a business coach that offers sound practical business skills to launch your company or turn your passion into profits, let's chat. I have over 20 years experience in business, marketing & Sales and an MBA and BA to back it up. I'm also a certified yoga instructor, reiki, kundalini, meditation and intuitive angel card practitioner who combines logic and spirituality to create both personal and professional abundance in your life. I offer one on one coaching to create soul alignment and turn what you are passionate about into a thriving business. Send me a note if you want to connect contact@lotuslilie.com. Let's see if we are a good fit!

Lots of Love Always